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Steiff 069574 - Every original Steiff animal with the world-famous trademark, the Steiff Button in Ear, shows that it comes from one of the best families and every Steiff Teddy Bear and Steiff animal proudly wears an ear tag as a clearly recognizable identification. It shows that this is one of the many, wonderful animals and Teddy bears from the wide, unlimited Steiff assortment.

Andy the cuddly Anteater from Steiff has a coat of soft plush fur in mainly grey-brown, with white front legs and a brown head. He's an unusual creature - evolved to be great at licking up ants and termites from their nests or hills - you can see his long face is ideally shaped! He has felt feet and a little airbrushing that makes him even more lifelike.

Suitable for all ages and machine washable. Made of cuddly soft woven fur. Stuffed with polyester. Not jointed. Measures approximately 19 long x 7 high x 4.4 wide.

Steiff Teddy Bears

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